About the Probus Club of Collingwood

    Formed in 1987, we are the original menʼs Probus Club in the Georgian Triangle, and one of the first in Ontario. The Probus Club of Collingwood has always had interesting and informative speakers for each meeting, and they continue to be one of our most enjoyed features. At each meeting, a member may present his profile and background, some very interesting people indeed! Occasionally, a short presentation on a topic of interest to the membership may be substituted.

    In addition, there numerous trips and social events throughout the year, including golf, biking, hiking, theatre, excursions, tours of businesses and places of interest throughout the Georgian Triangle.

    Whether you are able to attend every month, are a snowbird, or someone who likes to get away from it all at various times of the year, it does not matter. Our club is here for your enjoyment year-round.

    We welcome you to visit with us as a guest. Feel free to drop into one of our meetings for a look at any time! We would enjoy meeting you.


    Born and raised in Winnipeg, an 18 year old Bud Crookes enlisted in the RCAF and went off to war. For three and a half years Bud flew the four-engine Short Sunderland Flying Boat. From a base in Scotland, they patrolled the North Atlantic protecting Allied Convoys from marauding German U-Boats and the same crew of 10 finished with a tour ferrying aircraft through the Mediterranean to Africa and India. Returning to Winnipeg, Bud married his wife June and are happily married to this day (for 65 years). This couple would go on to make a tremendous contribution to the creation and growth of the Probus Club in Canada. Bud pursued a career as a financial manager, is a Life Member of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of Ontario and a Fellow in the Chartered Institute of Secretaries. After working in industry for fifty years, he started his own business and eventually moved to Collingwood from Toronto in 1982.

    The first PRO[fessional] BUS[iness] Club was established in England in 1965. During a visit to Australia and New Zealand in 1987, Bud became interested in Probus and was impressed with the concept. In 1987, he introduced the subject of a local Probus Club to the Rotary Club of Collingwood, and was successful in gaining acceptance for the idea. The Collingwood Club was the fourth in all of Canada after Cambridge, ON, White Rock B.C, and Burlington, ON. Bud, Fred Penny (Bud says “he was a  better speaker than I”), along with others were the driving force behind the effort to create the Probus phenomenon locally. The mantra of “you don’t have to sell tickets” was the battle cry.

    Getting things started was no small feat. No members, no Club! One of the most respected individuals in the local banking business, James McClure, Manager of the TD Bank, came to the rescue. He was instrumental in recommending the names of prospective members. So, in November 1987, the first meeting of the Probus Club of Georgian Bay was called to order in the Collingwood Public Library with 38 of Collingwood’s finest in attendance. Shortly thereafter, the ranks would surge to 45, and the name would change to The Probus Club of Collingwood and meetings would be held in the Leisure Time Centre.

    There are now 10 Clubs in the Collingwood area, and a further 5 in Wasaga Beach. These Clubs can all trace their genealogy back to the original Collingwood Club founded by Captain Crookes and his Probus crew in 1987. Bud is one of the Probus “Pioneers in Canada.” He has been, among others, Treasurer, Board Chairman then past Chairman of Probus Centre, Co-Publisher and creator of the first and only Worldwide Probus web page, not to mention the numerous other contributions he and his wife have made. June was one of the originals when Hospice was formed in Collingwood. They both have been pillars of the Probus Canada organization and we, as members, owe them a vote of thanks for helping to create what our membership enjoys so much today


Meetings are the first Thursday of each month.

Location:  The Royal Canadian Legion

                  490 Ontario Street, Collingwood



09:00 - 09:45   Coffee time

09:45 - 10:30   Reports, business, members stories and presentations of interest.

10:30 - 11:00   Break                                                                         

11:00 - 11:45   Guest Speaker

11:45 - 12:00    Q & A’s

Members are invited to join the President and Speaker for lunch following the meeting.


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Retirement can come early for many people who want to remain active. Probus Clubs are organizations for men and women who have retired from their profession or business, and want to maintain a social network with others who have similar interests.

Each Probus Club is autonomous. Probus Clubs are not service clubs, are non-sectarian and not involved in fundraising. Each club has it’s own uniqueness and brand, and many members are members of more than one club. Something interesting and enjoyable for everyone!

There are over 4000 Probus Clubs internationally. Each is dedicated to remaining active and engaged after retirement or semi-retirement from business and other professions.

Probus provides fellowship, interesting guest speakers and social activities with monthly meetings throughout the year.

                             “Our Strength is Fellowship; Our Success is Participation”

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