October 5,  Meeting

Probus Club of Collingwood

Where age doesn’t keep us from thinking young!

October 5, 2017

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See you next month,  November 2, 09:45....have fun out there!!

Don’t forget...

Bring a book, take a book

Only the Collingwood Library has more!

Welcome to Earl Dahmer

50/50 Winners

Gord Hall

Tom McConnell

Captain Peter Lang

Air Canada, Retired


SAFE FLIGHT A pilot’s approach to safety and risk management in the conduct of

an overseas airline flight.


We’ve all gritted our teeth as we struggle through the interminable intrusions of airline

passenger security screening, or yawned our way through that banal preflight tape recording of

emergency exit locations. But have you ever thought of the hundreds of unseen risk

management and safety measures that are implemented on every flight to ensure safe and

efficient travel through the hostile environment at 35,000 feet. In his presentation, the speaker,

a retired Boeing-777 Captain, will take the audience on a behind the scenes look at safety and

risk management techniques employed in the conduct of a transoceanic flight. Learn what’s

going on behind the cockpit door to ensure your flight is safe and uneventful while you dine on

rubber chicken and strain to hear Seinfeld re-runs.


Peter Lang began flying professionally in 1975 piloting the DeHavilland Twin Otter in northern

Ontario, and later in the high arctic where he flew “off strip” in support of resource exploration,

scientific study and Dew Line re-supply. In 1978 he was hired by Air Canada however during an

industry wide slowdown in 1981 Peter left Air Canada and joined the Royal Canadian Air Force

where he trained as a fighter pilot. As an air superiority and ground attack fighter pilot flying the

CF-18, he intercepted Soviet bombers, developed tactics for attacking cruise missiles, flew

sovereignty missions in the high arctic and was a squadron test pilot. In 1988 he returned to Air

Canada where he has flown the Douglas DC-8, DC-9, Boeing 727, 747 and 767. Peter recently

retired from the position of Captain on the Boeing 777 after 38 years with Air Canada

Lynda Reid and Ken Haigh make-up the new two-person management team heading up the Collingwood Library. - Contributed photo

The Collingwood Public Library Board has announced a new leadership team including one familiar face and a new member of the team.

Lynda Reid, an employee at Collingwood library for 29 years, and formerly the acting director, is now the manager of collection and facility services.

Ken Haigh joins Collingwood library from L.E. Shore Library in Thornbury where he was the former CEO. His role at the Collingwood library is the manager of public resources and information.

Community Interest

An excellent presentation enjoyed by all! Thanks Peter for making time for our Club.

A very informative and interesting look at our excellent Public Library. Many thanks Ken.

Keep up the great work!