February 1 ,Meeting

Probus Club of Collingwood

Where age doesn’t keep us from thinking young!

Frbruary 1, 2018

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See you next month,  March 1 , 09:45....have fun out there!!

Don’t forget...

Bring a book, take a book

Only the Collingwood Library has more!

50/50 Winners

Ross Klopp

Eric Skeoch

President Ruben Rosen, new member Dave Stamper, and Membership guy, John Megarry.

“An incredible true life adventure of determination and courage....not only a geography lesson but a gripping page turner narrated by a compelling down- to- earth author 'of great reluctance', who is now the star attraction in the room! A compelling read about a couple who survived sailing the world together in a spellbinding manner. Would love to see more photos of 'Solara' and to know who eventually bought her in Chesapeake Bay area and their further adventures. Al & Janet Peters' experience over 6 years was sensational.”

A Community Profile

What a story!  When most of us were reaching for the remote or looking for the movie listings, Al and Janet were doing something that very few people have done, sail around the world! This is a phenomenal achievement and most incredible considering they were retirees and had very little experience! A great story!Thank you Janet and Al for sharing it with us. What’s next? Maybe Everest?

The Red Cross does incredible work in and around our community. We could not do withoutTara and her volunteers helping make life better for those who require assistance. Thank you Tara for your very informative presentation and all you do for those in need! You are most appreciated.

Tara Bone, Red Cross Programme Co-ordinator