Looking to join? You can download the Probus Collingwood membership application (in PDF format) below.

  1. -PROBUS new member application FORM.pdf

Want to read up on what Probus Clubs stand for and what principles the club abides by? Check out the Probus Constitution (in PDF format) below.

  1. -2011 Probus Constitution

Who’s Involved?

To paraphrase a line from the movie, Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid, “who are those guys?” What backgrounds are represented by the members of the Club? There are many individuals with many diverse backgrounds, this is but a sampling:

Corporate: CEOs, Managers, Presidents
Education: School Principals, Teachers, School Board Reps.

Engineering: Engineers, Geophysicist, Trades
Financial: Accountants, Bankers, Planners, Advisors, Managers

Human Resources
Legal: Lawyers, Judges
Medical: Dentists, Physicians, Surgeons
Media: Broadcasting, Newsprint
Military: Veterans, and ex servicemen
Sales and Marketing: Real Estate, Pharmaceuticals, Insurance, etc.

Probus Club of Collingwood

Where age doesn’t keep us from thinking young!

Probus Club of Collingwood, Veterans and Servicemen


Executive &